Meet The Team

Real Estate is fast-paced and always changing. You need housing experts on your side that are able to sift through all of the details and guide you through each step. Anderson Realty is a small brokerage, which allows us to focus on you and your needs.


Mike Smith Owner, Agent, Broker

Cell/Text: 651-324-6211

Mike Smith always wanted to be an artist -Instead he became a housing expert and entrepreneur. He’s spent 15 years in the Twin Cities housing industry, first as an appraiser then realtor and now broker/owner of Anderson Realty. For the past 12 years, he’s been an owner and creative director of Brownsmith Restoration, an award winning design+build construction company. In 2012 he opened the nationally known furniture and home goods store, Forage Modern Workshop. In 2016, Mike and his team moved a vintage diner from Pennsylvania to Minneapolis and fully restored it, creating Hi-Lo Diner. Mike loves starting new things, seeing things grow and meeting new people along the way. You can follow him on instagram for cute pictures of his kids, interesting shots showing homes and progress shots on his projects at @forage_modern_mike

“I am a people oriented, results driven, housing expert, and I am really excited about real estate! Today’s market is challenging, but I am up to the task! I have averaged 1 closing every 10 days for over three years now. My background as a real estate appraiser, investor, small business owner and licensed general contractor give me the skills, confidence and experience to be an effective realtor in today’s crazy market.”

Rebekah Cook REALTOR®

Cell/Text: 612-619-4470
MN License #: 40624773

Rebekah has 12 years of project management experience and has spent the last 8 years in the design and housing industries. She loves making order out of chaos, taking her champagne taste and making it work on beer budgets and exploring new ways to make the world a better place. In addition to being a licensed Realtor®, Rebekah oversees the day-to-day operations at Anderson Realty Office as well as the staging projects for the brokerage. Outside of real estate, she is a part of the teams behind the award winning design+build construction company Brownsmith Restoration, the nationally known home decor store, Forage Modern Workshop, and the fully restored vintage diner, Hi-Lo Diner. Rebekah also finds time to be active in the arts community in Minneapolis and volunteers with several non-profits. She lives in the Ramsey Hill neighborhood of St. Paul with her husband, daughter, and sweetest dog ever, Fred.

James Brown REALTOR®

Cell/Text: 612-702-7489
MN License #: 506008733

James has been a licensed contractor and builder for more than 13 years. For the past 12 years, he’s been an owner and contractor of Brownsmith Restoration, an award winning design+build construction company. In 2012 he opened the nationally known furniture and home goods store, Forage Modern Workshop. In 2016, James and his team moved a vintage diner from Pennsylvania to Minneapolis and fully restored it, creating Hi-Lo Diner. James’ background as a contractor, builder and developer brings a unique expertise and experience as a Realtor®. He knows homes and buildings – what it takes to bring them back to life and/or what their value is and enjoys finding that “diamond in the rough”! James lives and works in South Minneapolis.

Mallorie Kuschel REALTOR®

Cell/Text: 612-434-5561
MN License #: 40612363

Mallorie was born and raised in Minnesota where she learned the importance of staying grounded, a fierce work ethic and how important human connections and relationships are. She started her work-journey in the restaurant industry where she learned the invaluable art of reading people and catering to their specific tastes. The 15 years spent working with people and creating long-lasting connections are invaluable to her and have garnered a great passion for helping people and understanding what they need. Mallorie’s journeys also brought her abroad, traveling the world and taking root in Vietnam while teaching English and indulging in her love of art. While living abroad she opened a small art studio where she taught classes and developed her keen eye for detail and design. Throughout her travels Mallorie has gained a deep respect for the importance and meaning of home. “A home should represent you” She hopes to ignite and inspire that in each client she places in their new home.

Currently Mallorie lives and Northeast Minneapolis with her little dog June (a rescue pup from Vietnam) she loves painting, reading and is so excited to help guide people through the home buying process!

Jordan Hubred REALTOR®

Cell/Text: 651-280-0765
MN License #: 40538835

Jordan lives with his wife and daughter in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood of St. Paul.He has over 5 years of experience working with small businesses in operations, management, customer service and training. He is co-owner and co-founder of Spruce Soda Co., a small craft-focused soda maker located in Minneapolis. Jordan’s experience as an entrepreneur and small business leader bring unique, customer focused qualities to the home buying and selling process. Jordan loves meeting with people and helping them figure out what kind of home will bring them the most joy.

Joy Martin REALTOR®

Cell/Text: 612-616-9472
MN License #: 506009287

Joy Martin is an AIA licensed architect with 14 years of experience in the building industry and is a licensed Realtor® with Anderson Realty. Her background in architecture brings a unique skill set to the house hunting process; whether you are looking for a small fixer-upper or want to take on a larger project, or you are just looking for the right new home for you. Joy understands the home-buying and selling process intimately and provides excellent personal attention that each client deserves regardless of their budget. She loves working with people to help them find their next home.

Joseph Struyk REALTOR®

Cell/Text: 612-554-4586
MN License #: 40537274

After graduating from the University of Iowa with a degree in communications studies Joseph moved to Minneapolis to begin a career in banking and finance. From the relationships he forged there he accepted an opportunity to live and work in Brittany, France.

After a yearlong sabbatical overseas he returned home to the Twin Cities where he and his wife purchased a distressed, but charming home in South Minneapolis and remodelled it to fit their growing family’s needs. Soon his weekend activities became his full time pursuit.

Today Joseph enjoys sharing the knowledge of his craft with his clients as a realtor and remodeller to help them make the most out of their homes. He and his wife currently reside in the Ericsson neighbourhood with their three children. Joseph is an avid runner, music lover, and outdoor enthusiast.

Calisto Schulte-Houmas REALTOR®

Cell/Text: 651-434-3848
MN License #: 506015600


Ian Gerstl REALTOR®

Cell/Text: 920-284-1470
MN License #: 40602285

Ian has a passion for clear, concise, and strategic communication. With experience in high-level sales and business development, he values strong negotiating skills, respect, and trust in his real estate transactions. He enjoys helping clients see the hidden potential in a property with the goal of building equity. He currently lives in the Summit Hill neighborhood of Saint Paul with his wife Kelsie.  

Kelsie Gerstl

Cell/Text: 612-505-0814
Office Assistant/Designer

Kelsie is the graphic designer, office assistant, and part of the staging team at Anderson Realty. She started working for Mike and Rebekah over five years ago at the nationally-known home decor store, Forage Modern Workshop, where she further developed her love for homes and interior design. She is also the creative director at Mike’s restuarant, Hi-Lo Diner where she oversees the graphic design, social media, and marketing. She lives in the Summit Hill neighborhood of St. Paul with her husband Ian.

Lauren Neal REALTOR®

Cell/Text: 612-590-6810
MN License #: 40628441

Lauren’s love of homes started as a child but peaked once she and her husband bought their fixer-upper in Northeast Minneapolis (please reference the movie, ‘The Money Pit’) and managed to turn it into a gem that they absolutely love. Lauren loves designing spaces and styling homes. She is artful about creating special zones that are both functional and inspirational. Lauren is an intuitive problem solver by nature, and her resourcefulness and attention to detail makes her uniquely qualified to customize the home buying/selling process for any client.

Lauren is also the founder, owner, and jewelry designer for her company, NEAL Jewelry, which she has run for the last 10 years. As a designer and entrepreneur, she has worked directly with vendors, shops, contractors and clients, and has built many meaningful relationships. She loves the challenge of creating permanent and important heirlooms like wedding jewelry and custom personal jewelry. Along with being an entrepreneur, her background and degree in social work have given her a wealth of experience in people work. She is great at helping her clients understand the process and feel at ease with their decisions.