Homes For Sale, Hamline Midway

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Hamline Midway’s name is derived from the fact that the neighborhood is halfway between St. Paul and Minneapolis. Hamline Midway is largely a residential community with many tree-lined streets, opportunities and events for community bonding as well as shops and restaurants of various sizes along University, Snelling, and Pierce Butler/Transfer Road.

Hamline University is located in the heart of the neighborhood making this Hamline Midway a popular choice for home buyers. Whether you are looking to purchase a home for your children or are looking to live closer to school while pursuing higher education, the Anderson Realty team can help you out.

Each year, the Minnesota State Fair is held nearby. It is the largest state fair in the United States, drawing huge crowds from all over Minnesota to take part in the fair. The state fair runs for 12 days ending on Labor Day with attractions such as livestock, food demonstrations, competitions, and entertainment.

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